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Moral Wealth Strategies, LLC

Moral Wealth Strategies, LLC

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In the late 1980s a hard-working husband and wife discovered the investments they'd purchased to send their son to college weren't enough to cover his expenses.  No one had taken the time to help them develop a financial plan.  How many others were out there in the same situation?  Why did basic financial principles seem too complicated for the average family? 

I was the youngest son of that couple and from this point on, I made it my mission to find out why they weren't prepared and how to help them and others.

In 1991, Guenot and Associates was created for the sole purpose of helping individuals and families design their financial goals.  We believe that basic financial principles should be understandable and workable for anyone.  We educate our clients with basic, time-tested financial principles and then guide them through a specialized long term plan.

In 2003 our family attended the PA Homeschool Convention in Harrisburg and heard about a program that evaluates what your investments support.  After examining our own portfolio we were shocked to discover we were supporting companies that violated our own personal and moral beliefs.  Thus began the process of switching our practice from a Christian financial planning perspective to a Biblical one.

Then in 2009, Guenot and Associates became Moral Wealth Strategies, LLC to better define the nature of our business philosophy and convictions we hold.  We believe in using Biblical principles for handling money and possessions.  If you want to honor your moral convictions through your investments, please give us a call or email.  We would enjoy speaking with you about how you can do this.